What You Will Learn From This Guide

  • Preparing for launch

    Don't leave success to chance. Tilt the table and load the dice in your favor by finding and building an audience before you launch your project.

  • Creating exciting rewards

    How many tiers should you have? Should you limit quantities? Are physical rewards better than digital? Find the answers to these questions and many more.

  • Recording a compelling video

    Your project video can seal the deal or turn away potential backers. Learn what works and what doesn't, and how to create a video on a shoestring budget.

  • Marketing and promoting your project

    Find out which marketing channels are most effective for promoting and hyping Kickstarter projects; the answers might surprise you!

  • Communication and updates

    No project can be successful without communication at all stages of a campaign. Learn how and when to reach out to current and prospective backers.

  • Fulfilling and distributing rewards

    Many creators become overwhelmed or even lose money after a successful campaign. Learn the common pitfalls and best strategies for fulfillment.

The Guidebook helped immensely with my first Kickstarter campaign. Don't even think about launching without reading it!
Jimmy Hinson
Jimmy Hinson
Composer, The Glory Days
Andrew walks you through EVERYTHING, both before launch AND the mistakes that complicate even highly funded projects.
Jane Doe
Larry Oji
OC ReMix & Project Phoenix
Andrew's advice was not only current but extremely insightful and key to helping me develop a strategy for success.
Jimmy Doe
Dren McDonald
Composer, The String Arcade

Proven Advice, Written From Experience

The Ultimate Kickstarter Guidebook is based on tried-and-tested methods used in many successful campaigns. Author Andrew Aversa has been directly involved with the planning, creation, and management of four highly-funded Kickstarter projects:

"Balance and Ruin". Goal: $30,000. Funding total: $153,633 from 2,509 backers (512% funded)

"Identity Sequence". Goal: $4,000. Funding total: $28,167 from 721 backers (704% funded)

"Atlantis Awakening". Goal: $5,000. Funding total: $25,691 from 585 backers (513% funded)

"Dungeonmans". Goal: $35,000. Funding total: $43,155 from 1,468 backers (125% funded)

Andrew has also advised and consulted on many other successful Kickstarter campaigns, helping project creators to fine-tune their rewards, improve their videos, write compelling copy, and promote their campaigns to new audiences.

Take a Look Inside

The Ultimate Kickstarter Guidebook is not a basic tutorial for how to use Kickstarter.com, nor is it a compilation of case studies and fluff. Instead, it provides practical tips, ideas, and questions to maximize the chances of success.

What you will find in The Ultimate Kickstarter Guidebook:

  • Specific, actionable advice for all project types.
  • Creative ideas to inspire rewards, copy, and video.
  • Clear, concise writing to walk you through the process.

Table of Contents

1. Acknowledgements
2. Introduction
3. About the Author
4. About this Book
5. Definitions
6. What Kickstarter Is (And Isn't)
7. Why (Not) Crowdfund?
8. Selecting a Project
9. The Importance of Your Fans
10. Your Fundraising Purpose
11. Picking a Funding Goal
12. Crafting Compelling Rewards
13. Project Duration / Deadline
14. Stretch Goals
15. Creating a Great Video
16. Writing Your Story
17. Alternate Funding Methods
18. Launch Checklist
19. Marketing Your campaign
20. Communication and Updates
21. Last-Minute Funding Crisis
22. Funding vs. Failure
23. Continuing Communication
24. Reward Fulfillment
25. Taxes and Legal Matters
26. Conclusion
27. Appendix: Resources for Creators

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Andrew Aversa, Author

About the Author

Andrew Aversa is an award-winning composer, sound designer, entrepreneur, and teacher. Under the alias 'zircon', he has released hundreds of original songs and remixes, along with ten original albums and many other collaborative projects. His credits include original music for major video games and licensed music for companies like FOX, NBC, MTV, BBC, Capcom, The Carter Center, Midway, Food Network, Prudential, and many more.

Andrew dedicates a considerable amount of time to helping musicians, students, and creative professionals. He has lectured at Drexel University, University of Pennsylvania, and Towson University, recorded hours of tutorials for YouTube, and written articles ranging from music licensing and intellectual property to avoiding scams in the music industry.

As the co-founder of Impact Soundworks, LLC, a developer of virtual instruments and sample libraries established in 2008, Andrew handles all marketing, public relations, and press. He has also designed, edited, and programmed over a dozen virtual instrument products.

In his spare time, Andrew enjoys playing competitive badminton, gourmet cooking, spending time with his wife, vocalist and songwriter Jillian Aversa, and playing with their two cats, Tucker & Moo Moo.

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